S A M O D I V A /sam•ou•dee•vah/ noun pl samodivi

  • a woodland nymph possessing a human form, often that of a beautiful maiden with long locks of hair; originates from bulgarian folklore and slavic mythology


i’m a twenty-four year old bulgarian girl who dreams of seeing her words bound by pages and hardcovers. i also love discovering and sharing new, unique voices with the world, thus why i started this blog, and why i’d like to work in publishing – becoming an editor would allow me just that!

it’s no wonder my chosen university course is english literature with creative writing, which i spent three years on in a lovely little beach-side city in wales and graduated with a distinction. my whole life i’ve been surrounded by books of all kinds; they act as a coping mechanism against the outside world and the many, many fears and anxieties that it causes me on the daily. 

currently, i’m an assistant editor for a bulgarian publisher – era publishing. i also do freelance work as an editor for a sherlock-centric publisher in the uk – orange pip books, and a digital magazine for short prose & poetry – tavoix. draw me a line if you’d like help with your work!

i read and review primarily young adult books, the majority of which are fantasy and science-fiction. of course, everyone needs a little fun, pick-me-up novel on occasion, especially in between foreign lands and reading slumps, which is why you’ll see me review contemporaries and romances from time to time (both young adult and adult, chick-lit if you will). while i mostly focus on reviews, occasionally you might see other posts from me when inspiration strikes – so please look forward to those!

while literature is one of my many passions, i also enjoy art (observing, not creating, mind you), photography, fashion, make-up, and whatever else my mind will occupy itself with. if i had to share one random fact about myself it would be that i never capitalize my writing unless absolutely necessary; it looks relaxed (which i am far from) and more pleasing to the eye. as the quite stereotypical and proud (!) virgo (thus, perfectionist and overachiever, nice to meet you!), my entire existence is dedicated to finding the perfect aesthetic in all walks of life, tho it mostly ends in failure… i keep trying anyway!

needless to say, all opinions are my own.

welcome and hope you enjoy your stay!

p.s. you might be wondering why i chose this name for my blog? well, it’s simple – i love it, and the folklore that comes with it!

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